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Though the word unique often signifies one-of-a-kind or a sole entity, in unique baby names, the word unique may mean exceptional. It's very difficult to find a good name that has not been taken by anyone else. That's why by the term unique baby names, the parents may try to find an exceptional baby name for their child.

Special attention should also be given to the spelling of the unique baby name. Some exceptional baby names have spelling variations. For example, "Shree" is a unique baby name in India. But it's also spelt as "Shri", "Sri" and so on. The single spelling should be used in all the unique baby names.

The unique baby names also imply the unique personality of the child. The greatest advantage of exceptional baby name is that it does not create any confusion with another person. The common baby names are used by many people. Two children may be known by the same name leading to confusion. But it does not happen in case of unique baby names. Our specialists have created many exclusive baby names for your on our website. You can choose any name as per your choice and preferences. It's advisable to get a short and sweet baby name. If the name is from the language of your mother tongue, it creates a better impression.


Aapt Boy Trustworthy
Abdieso Boy  
Abjayoni Boy Born of the lotus; Another name for Brahma
Abrar Boy A truthful person; Saint
Acaryatanaya Boy Son of the teacher; Another name for Aswatthama
Achyutaraya Boy Worshipper of the infallible; A devotee of Vishnu
Adalarasu Boy King of dance
Adar Boy  
Adelaide Girl Noble; Of Good Cheer
Adeleh Girl  
Adish Boy  
Adrienne Girl Feminine of Adrian
Advait Boy Unique
Advay Boy Unique
Adway; Adwaya Boy One; United
Adwita Girl Unique
Adwiteya Girl Unique
Aedan; Aiden Boy Born of Fire
Afraa Girl White
Agrani Boy Always First
Ahd Girl Pledge; Knowledge
Aindrila Girl Female Star
Aletrice Girl  
An Boy Peace; Peace of Being At Home; Peaceful
Apeksha Girl Expectation
Ayda Girl In the moon

Baaji Girl  
Baalanaagamma Girl  
Baika Boy Plum Blossom
Bamdad Boy Name of Mazdak's father; Early morning
Bankei Boy Ten Thousand Blessings
Banko Boy Everlasting
Baraneh Girl  
Bassui Boy High Above Average
Bolour Girl Crystal
Borna Boy Young; Youthful
Brhadsphalas Boy  
Bupposo Boy Buddha-Dharma-Sangha

Chaka Girl A lark
Chalipa Girl A flower - Stock-gillyflower
Chidaakaash Boy Absolute Brahma
Chiko Boy Light of Wisdom
Chosui Boy Purifying Water
Chozen Boy Clear/Transparent Meditation Practice

Daibai Boy Big Plum
Darioush Boy Name of a king
Deirdre Girl Sorrow
Denkatsu Boy Activity Like Lightning
Dokai Boy Way Formality; Way Steps
Doru Boy Clearing Away; To Wash; To Flow
Doryu Boy Way of the Dragon
Drdahana Boy  
Drdhahanus Boy  
Drtaka Boy  

Ebi Boy Paternal
Eido Boy Illuminating Way
Ekai Jinko Boy Ocean of Wisdom; Wide Virtue
Elham Girl Inspiration; revelation
Enmei Boy Bright Circle; Life Sustaining
Eskander Boy  
Etsudo Boy Joyful Way

Fakhri Girl Glory
Farbod Boy Right; Orthodox
Farkhondeh Girl Joyous; Happy
Farshad Boy Soul of the sphere of Mercury
Fila Girl Lover
Forum Girl Bouquet
Forum Boy Fragrance

Gajdant Boy Elephant teeth; Lord Ganesha
Gajkaran Boy Like ears of elephant
Gatleen Girl Merged in freedom
Gatleen Boy Merged in freedom
Genkaku Boy Original Understanding; Original Realization
Getsuren Boy Moon Lotus
Ghadir Boy A sword
Gharcheen Boy One who realizes the Home within
Gharchet Boy One who meditates on the Real Home within
Ghassedak Girl A flower (Dandelion)
Guebers Boy Followers of ancient Persian religion

Hakaku Boy White Crane
Hakue Boy Pure Blessing
Haleh Girl Halo
Hengameh Girl Wonder; Marvel causing admiration
Hester Girl A star
Hetty Girl Diminutive 'Hester'; Star; Myrtle leaf
Hila Girl Name of a bird (sparrow-hawk)
Hodo Boy Dharma Way

Iran Girl Iran; The land of Aryans
Iravan Boy King of Ocean
Ishtar Girl The Babylonian goddess of love

Jaleh Girl Rain
Jalil Boy Noble; Great
Jash Boy  
Javad Boy Liberal
Javaneh Girl Sprout; Young
Jigar Boy Heart
Jiho Boy The Aroma of Compassion
Jikai Boy Ocean of Compassion; Compassionate Sea
Jiral Boy  
Jival Boy Full of life

Kansbar Boy Treasure Master
Kaveh Boy Ancient Hero
Kayan Boy A star
Khandan Girl Smiling; Family
Khatereh Girl Memory
Khortdad Boy Perfection
Kian Boy The kings
Kira Girl The sun
Kismet Girl Fortune; Fate
Koge Boy Fragrant Flower
Koju Boy Universal Principle
Kokan Boy Ancient Reflection

Lai Boy The beloved one
Limba Boy  

Mahla Girl Friendly
Mahubeh Girl  
Mukammal; Mukkamala Boy Complete

Opal; Opel Girl A jewel or precious stone
Opalina; Opaline Girl Jewel

Preyakshna Girl  

Rithvika Girl  

Sakyamuni Boy  

Tylanni Girl  

Vihaan Boy Dawn

Wendywee Girl  

Zachoeje Boy