Traditional Baby Names

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Birth of a baby is seen as an auspicious thing in any traditional family. And such families prefer traditional baby names. Right from the time the mother becomes pregnant, certain religious ceremonies are undertaken to ensure the safe birth of the baby. A baby born in such a traditional dwelling will definitely find himself or herself being granted a deep rooted traditional baby names.

Some parents who are very religiously inclined, like to have their offspring being called in some conventional names which has a deep cultural, religious and mythical connotation. The task of finding such a suitable traditional baby names can prove to be quite a complexity for the parents. But now even getting the most conservative names is possible with the help of a click on our website. A list of traditional child names along with their meanings is provided to the parents so that they can glance through the selected catalog of traditional kid names, and find a name most suited to their child. Our website provides names based on research on various religious scriptures and traditional folklores with adequate meanings so that you are convinced of the type of traditional baby names that you had wished to keep for your lovely baby.

Select Popular Unusual Traditional Baby Names from list

Alexander Anna
Andrew Caroline
Charles Charlotte
Christopher Claire
Daniel Eleanor
David Elizabeth
Edward Emma
George Eve
Henry Grace
Jacob Julia
James Katherine
John Louise
Matthew Lucy
Michael Mary
Patrick Rachel
Peter Rebecca
Richard Sarah
Robert Susannah
Thomas Victoria
William Virginia