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Tamil is a classical language of India. It's mainly spoken in the southern part of the country. Many people in that region like to have Tamil baby names. Thousands of Tamil people are also living in the countries like Singapore, Sri Lanka. Through the Tamil baby names, the people of Tamil origin express their love for the language. They prefer Tamil baby names for their new born as their heritage is associated with these names. By providing kids names Tamil, our site has earned much popularity in the Tamil inhabitant localities of the world. We have such list from which you may choose better than the best names. These names are modern, meaningful and also sound good. These Tamil baby Tamil names will reflect the personality of the baby once he or she is grown up. A new-born baby brings new ray of hope and sunshine to the family. All members of the family love to call their dearest one with the best name.

Aadarshini Girl Idealistic
Aamani Girl Spring Season; Vasant Ritu
Aanchal; Anchal Girl Protective Shelter; The decorative end of a Sari
Aarti; Aarati Girl Towards the highest love for god; Form of worship; Divine fire in ritual
Aastha Girl Faith; trust
Aastha Girl Faith; trust
Aatma; Atma Boy Soul; Light of the lord
Abhay Boy Fearless
Abhijeet Boy Victorious; One who has been/has conquered
Abhilasha; Abhilaasha Girl Wish; desire
Abhimanyu Boy Son of Arjun
Abhishek Boy Ritual; An auspicious bath for a deity
Adarsh Boy Ideal
Aditi Girl Mother of the Gods
Aditya Boy The sun
Adya Girl First; unparalleled
Aiesha Girl Alive
Aishwarya; Aiswarya Girl Wealth; Prosperity
Aiswarya Girl Wealth; Prosperity
Ajay Boy Unconquered; Invincible
Ajit; Ajeet Boy Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable
Akanksha Girl Wish; Desire; Ambition
Akhila Girl Total; Complete
Akshara Girl Letter
Akshay Boy Immortal; Everlasting; Indestructible
Alaka; Alka Girl Lock of curly hair; a girl with a lovely hair
Alisha Girl Protected by God
Alka Girl Lock of curly hair; A girl with a lovely hair; Beauty
Aloki Girl Brightness; Lustrous
Alpa Girl Little; Small
Alpana Girl A decorative design; Beautiful
Amanpreet Girl One who loves peace
Amba Girl Goddess Durga
Ambika Boy Goddess Parvati
Ambika Girl Goddess Durga; Goddess Parvati
Amisha Girl Beautiful
Amrapali Girl Disciple of Buddha; A famous courtesan who became a devotee of Buddha
Amrita Girl Full of Nectar; Spiritual holy water; Immortality
Anagha Girl Sinless; Without any fault
Anala Girl Fiery; Sizzling
Anandamayi Girl Full of joy
Angarika Girl Flame coloured flower; Palash or flame of the forest
Anisha; Aneesha Girl Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is supreme
Anita; Aneeta Girl Grace
Anjana Girl Mother of Hanuman
Anju Girl One who lives in heart
Anna Girl Graceful
Annapoorna Girl Goddess Parvati; Generous with food
Anshula Girl Sunny
Antara Girl The second note in Hindustani classical music; Beauty
Anupama Girl Without any comparison; Peerless
Anuradha Girl Goddess of good luck; Name of a star
Anuradha Girl Goddess of good luck; Name of a star
Aparna Girl Goddess Parvati
Aradhana; Aaraadhana Girl Worship; prayer
Archana Girl Worship
Archana Girl Worship
Archi Girl  
Arjun Boy Son of lord Indra; One of the Pandava brothers
Arpana Girl Surrendered; Offering
Arpita Girl Dedicated
Arshia Girl Heavenly; Divine
Aruna Girl Dawn; Sunrise
Arushi Girl Dawn, Red sky in the early morning
Asha; Aasa; Aasha Girl Hope; Aspiration
Ashi Girl Smile
Ashna Girl Friend
Ashni Girl  
Asmita Girl Pride
Astha Girl Faith; trust
Avanti Girl Ancient city of Ujjain; Modest
Avantika Girl Queen; Princess of Ujjain
Ayesha Girl Doll; Daughter of the Prophet
Ayushi Girl Long Life
Badal; Baadal Boy Clouds; Monsoon
Balaji Boy Hindu God 'Vishnu'; God Venkatan
Balbir Boy Strong; Couragious
Balchandra Boy Young Moon
Balgopal Boy The Hindu God Krishna as a baby; Baby Krishna
Balwant; Balvant; Balavant Boy Powerful; Strong; Full of might
Bandhu Boy Friend
Banhi Girl Fire
Bansari Girl Flute
Bansi Boy Flute
Barun Boy Lord of the Sea
Basanti; Vasanti Girl Spring
Bela Girl Time; Creeper; Jasmine Flower
Bhadra Girl Gentle; Blessed; Prosperous; Fortunate
Bhagwati Girl Lucky; Goddess Durga
Bhagyashri; Bhaagyasree; Bhagyashree Girl Fortunate; Goddess Lakshmi
Bhairavi Girl Goddess Durga; a raga
Bhakti Girl Devotion; prayer
Bhanupriya; Bhaanupriya Girl Beloved of the sun
Bharti Girl Goddess Saraswati
Bhavana; Bhavna; Bhaavana Girl Good Feelings; Emotions; Meditation
Bhavesh Boy Lord of the world
Bhavika Girl Well-meaning; righteous; cheerful expression
Bhavini Girl Goddess Parvati; Emotional
Bhumi Girl Earth
Bhumika; Bhoomika Girl The earth; Role
Bhupendra; Bhoopendra; Bhupinder Boy King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth
Bhushan; Bhooshan Boy Ornament; Lord vishnu
Bijoy Boy Victory
Bimla; Bimala Girl Pure
Bindiya Girl A forehead decoration - often a red dot
Binita Girl Modest; Humble
Bishakha Girl A star
Bulbul Girl A Songbird; Nightingale
Chahel Boy Good Cheer
Chaitali Girl Born in the Chaitra month
Chaitanya Boy Famous Sage
Chakori Girl Alert; A bird enamoured of the moon
Chameli Girl Jasmine Flower
Champa Girl A type of flower
Champak Boy A Flower
Chanakya; Chaanakya Boy Name of Kautilya - the great scholar; Bright
Chanchal Girl Active; Lively; playful
Chandi Girl Great Goddess; Angry name of goddess sakti; Silver
Chandni; Chandini; Chandani Girl Moon light; A river
Chandra; Chandira Girl Moon
Chandran Boy Moon
Chandresh Boy Lord Shiva; King of the moon
Charmy Girl Charming
Charu Girl Beautiful; attractive
Charusheela Girl A jewel
Chatur Boy Clever
Chatura Girl Smart; Wise
Chaturbhuj Boy Broad shouldered; Strong; Lord Vishnu
Cheran Boy The Chera King; From the Chera (currently Kerala) country
Chetan; Chaten; Chaitan Boy Perceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence
Chhavi Girl Image; reflection
Chhaya; Chaaya Girl Shadow
Chidambar; Chidambaram Boy Sky like heart; One who has heart as wide as sky
Chiman Boy Curious
Chinmay Boy Supreme consciousness; Name of Lord Ganesha; Knowledgable
Chinmayanand; Chinmayananda Boy Blissful; Supreme consciousness
Chintan Boy Thought; Meditation
Chintan Girl Meditation
Chirag Boy Lamp; Deepak
Chiranjeev; Chiranjeeve Boy Lord Vishnu; Immortal
Chiranjiv Boy Immortal; Longlived
Chitra Girl Picture; Drawing; A nakshatra; Name of a river
Chitt Boy Heart
Daman Boy Controller; One who controls
Damini Girl Lightning
Damyanti; Damayanti Girl Nala's wife; Beautiful
Darpana Girl A Mirror
Daya Girl Kindness; mercy; pity
Deep Boy Light; The lamp of light
Deepa Girl Lamp; Light
Deepak Boy Lamp; Light
Deepali; Dipali Girl Row of lamps; Collection of lamps
Dev; Deb Boy Divinity; God
Devan Boy Like a God
Devi; Daevi Girl Goddess; The Diety
Devika; Daevika Girl Minor deity; Goddess
Devyani Girl Like a Goddess; Daughter of Shukraacharya
Dhanya Girl Great; Lucky
Dhara Girl Constant flow; the earth
Dharmesh Boy Lord of righteousness; Master of Religion; Lord of religion
Dhir Boy Wise
Dhiraj; Dheeraj Boy Patience; Consolation
Dipesh Boy Lord of light
Dipika Girl Lamp; a little light
Dipti Girl Brightness
Disha Girl Direction; Side
Divya Girl Divine; Divine Lustre; Heavenly; Brilliant
Divyesh Boy Full of Divinity
Diya Girl Lamp; Light
Drashti Girl Eyesight
Durga Girl Goddess Durga; Parvati; Devi
Durva; Durba Girl Sacred grass
Dushyant Boy Destroyer of evil
Eashan Boy Shiva
Eashita Girl One who desires
Eila; Ila Girl The earth; Daughter of Manu
Ekagrah Boy Focused
Ekansh Boy Whole
Ekaraj Boy Emperor
Ekavir Boy Bravest of the brave
Ekbal Boy Dignity
Eklavya Boy Bowman; Student who learned bow by watching
Ela Girl The earth
Elisa Girl Dedicated to God
Esha Girl Goddess Parvati; Purity; Desire
Falgun; Faalgun Boy A month in the Hindu calendar; Born in Falgun - a Hindu month
Falguni; Phalguni Girl Born in Falgun - a Hindu month; Beautiful
Farah Girl Joy
Farid Boy Unique; Matchless; Wide
Farukh Boy Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Happy
Fatima; Fathima Girl The prophet Mohammad's daughter
Firoze; Firoz Boy Gift; Winner; Victorious; Name of a king
Gagan Boy Sky
Gajendra Boy Elephant King
Gandhali Girl Fragrance of flowers; Sweet scent
Gandharv; Gandharva Boy Celestial musician; Master in music
Ganesh Boy Lord Ganesha; Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati
Gargi Girl An ancient scholar; Wise woman; Durga
Gaurav Boy Honour; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity
Geet Girl Song; Melody
Geeta Girl The holy book of the Hindus
Gemine; Gemini Girl Twins
Gina Girl Silvery
Gira Girl Language
Giri Boy Mountain
Girish Boy Lord of Mountains; Shiv; Mahadev
Gitanjali Girl An offering of songs; Melodious tribute
Gopal; Gopaal Boy Lord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cows
Gopi Girl A cowherd; cowherd woman; Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna
Gorakh Boy Cowherd
Gowri Girl Goddess Parvati; Bright
Gulab Girl Rose
Gulsan Boy A flower garden
Gulzar Boy A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town
Gunjan Boy Music; Buzzing of a bee
Gunjan Girl Humming
Guru Boy Teacher; Master; Priest
Gurudutt Boy Bestowed by a Guru/Teacher
Gyan; Gyan Singh; Giaan Boy Knowledge; One having exalted divine knowledge
Hamsa Girl Swan
Hamsini Girl Who rides a swan; Goddess Saraswati
Hardik Boy Full of Love
Haresh Boy Lord Shiva
Hari Boy God Vishnu; God Narayanan; Lord Krishna; The one belonging to God; He who removes evil
Harihar Boy Lord Krishna
Harij Boy The horizon
Harini Girl Deer
Haripreet Boy Beloved of God
Harish Boy Lord Vishnu
Harita Girl Green
Harjeet Boy God's triumph; Victor
Haroon Boy A Prophet's name; Hope
Harsh Boy Joy; Delight
Harshad Boy Happy; One who gives pleasure
Harshini Girl Full of happiness; Cheerful
Harshit Boy Joyful
Hasan Boy Handsome; Good; Laughter
Hasina Girl Beautiful; attractive lady
Hasita Girl Happy; full of laughter
Hasmukh Boy Cheerful
Heena Girl A flowering plan; Generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub
Heer Girl Generous and understanding
Hem Boy Gold
Hema Girl Golden
Hemadri Girl Golden hills
Hemakshi Girl Golden eyed
Hemal Girl Golden
Hemang Boy One with shining body; Golden Bodied
Hemant Boy One of the six season; Gold
Hemlata Girl Golden Creeper
Himani Girl Glacier; Goddess Parvati
Himanshu Boy Another Name of Chandra
Hina Girl A flowering plan; generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub
Hira Girl Diamond; another name for Lakshmi
Hitendra Boy Well-wisher
Indeevar Boy Blue Lotus
Indira Girl The Goddess Lakshmi; Wife of the god Vishnu
Indrajit Boy Conqueror of Indra
Indrani Girl Wife of Indra
Iravan Boy King of Ocean
Iravat Boy Son of Arjuna; Riding Elephant of Indra; Rain Clouds
Isha Girl One who protects; Goddess
Ishan Boy Lord Shiva; Lord of wealth; Sun
Ishat Boy Superior
Ishayu Boy Full of strength
Ishika Girl Paint brush
Ishita Girl Mastery; Wealth; Desired
Ishwar Boy God; the Supreme Being; Another name for Shiva
Jagdeep Boy Lamp of the world
Jagdish Boy God; Lord of the universe; The ruler of the world
Jagjit; Jagjeet Boy Winner of the world
Jagruti Girl Awakening; awareness
Jahnavi Girl Ganga River
Jai Boy Conqueror; Defeater; The victorious one
Jaishankar Boy Victory of Lord Shiva
Jaison Boy Son of victory
Jalpa Girl Discussion
Janak Boy Father of Sita; Creator
Janaki Girl Wife of Lord Rama; Sita
Janki Girl Seeta
Jasmin Girl A flower
Jasum Girl Hibiscus - a type of flower
Jaswant Boy Victorious; Famous
Jatin Boy Lord Shiva; Pertaining to saint
Javed Boy Immortal; Eternal
Jawahar Boy Jewel
Jaya Girl Victory; Victorious; Goddess Durga
Jayant Boy Victorious
Jayna Girl Victory
Jeevan; Jivan Boy Life
Jhalak Girl Quick look; Spark; Sudden motion
Jigar Boy Heart
Jigisha Girl Superior
Jigna Girl Intellectual Curiosity
Jignesh Boy Intellectual Curiosity
Jina Boy Lord Vishnu
Jinal Girl Lord Vishnu
Jitendra; Jitender Boy One who can conquer Indra; Lord of conqueror; The powerful conqueror
Jival Boy Full of life
Jiya Girl Sweet Heart
John Boy Gift of God
Jorge Boy Farmer
Juhi Girl A Flower
Jyoti Girl Flame; Light; Lamp; The light of the Sun
Jyotika Girl Light; Flame
Kairavi Girl Moonlight
Kajri Girl Light as a cloud; Variant of 'Kajal'
Kakoli Girl Preaching of a bird
Kalpana Girl Imagine; A fantasy
Kalyani Girl Auspicious; Fortunate
Kamini Girl A handsome woman
Kanan Girl A garden; forest
Kapila Girl Sacred cow
Kareena; Karina Girl Flower; Pure; Innocent; Dear little one; Variant of 'Katherine'
Karthik; Kartik Boy Name of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and Pleasure
Karunanidhi Boy Kind Hearted
Kusum Girl Flower
Laksha Girl Aim; Ambition; White Rose
Lakshmi; Laxmi Girl Goddess of Wealth; fortunate; Wife of Lord Vishnu
Laksman Boy Son of King Dasharatha and Sumitra; Lucky; Brother of Lord Ram
Lalima Girl Redness; Beauty
Lalit Boy Handsome; Beautiful
Lalita Girl Beautifull Lady; Elegant; a form of Durga
Lata Girl Creeper
Laura Girl Laurel leaves; symbol of honor; victory
Lavanya Girl Grace; Beauty
Laxman Boy Lord Rama'a youger brother; Son of Dasharatha
Leela Girl Devine Play; Amusement
Leelawati Girl Goddess Durga; Playful
Leena Girl Devoted; Tender
Lekha Girl Writing; Crescent Moon
Linda Girl Pretty
Madhav; Madhab Boy Relating to the spring; Sweet like honey; Another name of Lord Krishna
Madhukar Boy Honey Bee; Lover
Madhur Boy Sweet
Madhvan Boy Another name of Lord Krishna
Mahadev Boy Lord Shiva
Mahavir Boy The most couragious among men; A Jain prophet
Mahendra; Mohinder Boy The great God Indra (the God of the sky)
Mahesh Boy Lord Shiva; A great ruler
Maheswar Boy God Shankar
Mahi Girl Great earth, Heaven and earth conjoined
Mahima Girl Greatness
Mahipal Boy Lord Krishna; A king
Malika Girl Queen
Manas Boy Mind
Manav Boy Human
Mangal Boy Auspicious; Fortunate
Mani Boy Gem; A jewel
Manish Boy Wise; A profound thinker
Manivannan Boy Related name of Lord Ayyappa
Manmohan Boy Lord Krishna; Pleasing
Manohar Boy One who steals the heart
Manoj Boy Born of the mind; Cupid
Mansukh Boy One with peace of mind; Happy one
Marut Boy The wind
Mayank Boy Moon
Mayoor Boy Peacock
Mayur Boy Peacock
Meena; Mina Girl Precious blue stone; With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish; Enamel work
Mehaboob Boy Beloved
Mihir Boy Sun
Milan Boy Joining; Meeting; Union
Milind Boy Honey Bee
Minaxi Girl One with fish shaped eyes; Goddess Parvati
Mirza Boy A Prince
Mishti Girl Sweet; Sweet Person
Mita Girl A friend
Mitali Girl Friendship
Mithilesh Boy King of Mithila; Janak; Father of Sita
Mitra Boy Friend
Mitul Boy Measured; Limited
Mohan Boy Beauteous; Attractive; Charming
Mohit Boy Attracted
Mona Girl Peaceful; Noble one; Individual
Monisha Girl Lord Krishna; Intellectual
Moti; Motilal Boy Pearl
Mridula Girl Tendreness; Gentleness; an ideal woman
Mukesh Boy Lord Shiva; Cupid
Mukti Girl Freedom
Mukul Boy Bud; Soul; Blossom
Mukund Boy Lord Krishna; Name of Vishnu
Murali Boy Flute
Muralidhar Boy Another name of Lord Krishna
Muthu Boy Pearl
Muthuraman Boy Beloved Pearl
Mythili Girl Princess of Mithila; Sita
Nagaiah Boy  
Nagesh Boy Lord Shiva
Naina Girl Eyes; Name of a goddess
Nakul Boy One of among five Pandavas; Twin brother of Sahdev
Nalin Boy Lotus
Nalini Girl Lotus; Mother of the Vedas; Goddess Gayatri
Naman Boy Renowned; Namaskar
Namita Girl Humble; Devotee
Nandini Girl Daughter; a holy cow; best of joy; Delightful
Nandita Girl Happy; Joyous
Narayan Boy Lord Vishnu; The son of man
Narendra; Narinder Boy King of men
Naresh Boy King of men
Nargis Girl A fragrant flower
Narmada Girl One who stimulate tender feelings in others; River Narmada; Mother of Vedas
Nataraj Boy King of the art of dancing; Lord Shiva
Natasha Girl Child of christmas; Born on Christmas
Natwar Boy Lord Krishna
Navaj Boy Newly Born
Navin Boy New
Navrang Boy Colourful
Nayan Boy Eye
Neel Boy Blue
Neela Girl Blue
Neepa Girl Name of a flower
Neha Girl Rain; Love
Nehal Girl Rainy; Handsome
Netra Girl Eye
Nidhi Girl Fund; Wealth; Treasure
Nihal Boy Happy; Blissful person; Content
Niharika Girl Milky Way; Nebula; The girl who is admired by looking itself
Niket Boy Home
Nikhil Boy Complete; Whole; Entire
Nikita Girl Victorious; Unconquered; Earth; Ganges
Nikki Girl Small
Nikunj Boy Loving Home; Bower; Arbour; Lord Krishna
Nilam Girl Blue Sapphire; Variant of 'Neelam'
Nilambari Girl Clothed in blue
Nilay Boy Haven; House
Nilesh Boy Another name of Krishna; Blue God
Nilima Girl Blueness; Blue Sky
Nimish Boy Lord Vishnu; Momentary
Nimisha Girl Twinkling of an eye; Momentary
Nimit Boy Destiny
Niraj Boy Lotus
Nirali Girl Different
Niranjan Boy Lord Shiva
Nirav Boy Without Sound; Silent
Nirbhay Boy Fearless
Nirjara Girl Young; Not becoming old
Nirmal Boy Pure; Clean
Nirmala Girl Pure; Clean; Virtuous
Nirmay Boy Pure
Nirmit Boy Created
Nirupama Girl Without comparison; Unique
Nischal Boy Calm
Nisha Girl Night
Nishi Girl Alert; Getting stronger
Nishita Girl Night; Alert
Nishith Boy Night
Nita; Neeta Girl Moral; well behaved
Niti Girl Principles; Morality; Ethics
Nitin Boy New; Master of the right path
Nitya Girl Constant; Goddess Parvati; Eternal
Nityanta Boy Lord Vishnu
Nivedita Girl One dedicated to service; offered to God; surrendered
Nizhalgal Boy  
Nripa Boy King
Nripesh Boy King of kings
Nupoor Girl Anklet
Nutan Girl New
Ogan Boy Wave
Om Boy Omkar; Creation; The essence of life
Omar Boy First son; Disciple; Gifted Speaker; Famous; An era; Name of the second Caliph-(Khalifah)
Omja Boy Born of cosmic unity
Omkar Boy Beginning of Life; Creator of OM
Palak Girl Eye Lid
Pallavi Girl New Leaves; Bud
Pari Girl Fairy; Beauty
Parinita Girl Expert; married woman; complete
Parul Girl Name of a flower; Graceful; Flow of Water
Parvati Girl Goddess; Wife of Lord Shiva; Durga
Pavitra Girl Holy; Pure
Payal Girl Anklet
Pooja; Puja Girl Prayer; Worship
Poonam Girl Full Moon
Poornima; Purnima Girl Full Moon; The night of the full moon
Prabha Girl Light; Glow; Shine; Goddess Parvati
Prabhu Boy God
Prachi Girl Morning; East
Praffula Girl In bloom
Pragati Girl Progress
Prakruti Girl Nature
Pratiksha Girl Wait
Pratima Girl Icon; Image; Statue; Idol
Preeti Girl Love
Prerana; Prerna Girl Inspiration; Encouragement
Pritika Girl Dear one; Loved one
Priyanka Girl Dear one; Beautiful; Lovable act
Purva Girl East; Elder
Pushpa Girl Flower; Blossom
Rachana; Rachna Girl Arrangement; Construction; Creation
Radha Girl The beloved of Lord Krishna; Prosperity; Success
Radhika Girl Radha; Lover of Krishna; Successful
Ragini Girl A melody
Rajeshri Girl Queen
Rajvi Girl Ruling
Rakhi Girl Thread of protection between brother - sister; Bond of protection
Raksha Girl Protection
Ramya Girl Delightful; Beautiful
Rani Girl Queen
Rashi Girl A star constellation; a collection of wealth
Raveena; Ravina Girl Sunny; Beauty of the Sun
Reema Girl Goddess Durga; White antelope
Reesha Girl Sanity
Renuka Girl The mother of Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Reshma Girl Silk
Revati; Revathi Girl A star; Wife of Balarama; Prosperity
Richa Girl Hymn; The writing of the Vedas; Verses of Sanskrit
Riddhi Girl Good Fortune
Ritika Girl Movement; Of brass; Flowing Stream
Ritu Girl Season
Riya Girl Graceful; A singer; Flower
Rohini Girl A star; Sandalwood tree
Roja Girl Rose
Roma Girl Lakshmi
Roshni Girl Light; Brightness
Ruchi Girl Interest; Beauty; Lustre; Light
Ruhi Girl Soulful
Rukhmani; Rukmini Girl Wife of Lord Krishna
Sadhana; Sadhna Girl Worship; Long Practice/study
Saheli Girl Friend
Samina Girl Happy
Sandhya Girl Evening; Sundown; Twilight; Dusk
Sangeeta; Sangita Girl Music; Musical
Sanjana Girl Gentle
Sanjivni Girl Immortality
Sanjula Girl Beautiful
Sarada; Sharda Girl Goddess Saraswati
Saraswati Girl Goddess of wisdom
Saroj Girl Lotus Flower
Savita Girl Sun
Shridevi Girl Goddess Lakshmi
Smita Girl Smile; Ever smiling lady
Swami Boy Lord; Master
Swapna Girl Dream; Dream Like
Swara Girl Tune; Self Shining
Swati Girl Name of a star; a nakshatra
Tammanna Girl Desire
Tanu Girl Body
Tanuja Girl Daughter
Tara Girl Star; Wife of Lord Brihaspati
Tejal Girl Lustrous; Radiant
Tejas Boy Sharp; Lustre; Brilliance
Tejaswini Girl Radiant; Lustrous
Tiya Girl A bird
Trisha Girl Wish; Desire; Thirst
Trishala Girl Mother of Lord Mahavir; Trident
Trishana Girl Thirst; Desire
Tulsi Girl The sacred basil
Ujwala; Ujjwala Girl Bright; Lustrous
Uma Girl Goddess Parvati
Unnati Girl Progress; Development
Upasana Girl Worship; Devotion; Homage
Urmi Girl Wave
Urmila Girl Wife of Lakshmana - Lord Rama's brother
Urvashi Girl The most beautiful Apsara - maiden; A celestial maiden
Urvi Girl Earth
Usha Girl Morning; Dawn; Sun rise
Vaijayantimala Girl Lord Vishnu's garland