Scandinavian Baby Names

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Find Unique and Modern Scandinavian Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings


Every parent while keeping baby names has to keep in mind many things before actually keeping one. So is the same with Scandinavian baby names. Scandinavian people has a rich tradition and their own way of keeping names and all these rules come into play when keeping Scandinavian baby names. In Scandinavian families, nobility were the first who started keeping names which would be passed from one generation to another. Until the modern period, Scandinavian families did not have family surnames and they kept the name of their father plus an affix which denotes relationship.

Scandinavian parents while keeping Scandinavian baby names derives the name from the father with the suffix which means "son "or "daughter". This tradition of giving names remained commonly used throughout the Scandinavian countries at the time of surname information. The suffix -sen was also in use in the area formerly speaking Middle Low German. Some such names are Jansen, Thyssen , Klaassen and Nelissen. Baby names always adhered to such kind of traditions and parents nowadays; keeping in norms with the modern period tends to take names from other traditions also. Now it has also become a trend to keep unusual and unique baby names and this could be found in Scandinavian baby names also where parents juxtaposes traditional names with that of the more contemporary ones which results in a unique name.