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Punjabi baby names differentiate according to the religion as Hindu Punjabi names are completely different from that of the Sikh Punjabi names. Sikh Punjabi names are generally unisex and the word Kaur is added after a girl's name and the word Singh after a boy's name. The meaning of Kaur is "Princess" and Singh means "Lion". The Sikh naming ceremonies of the babies takes place in a Gurudwara. With the advent of many new and unique Punjabi names we nowadays find such kinds of names also which are distinctly gender specific and does not apply to both the sexes. Some such Punjabi baby names are Aman, Simran, Gurditt et al.

Like in any other tradition, Punjabi parents are also influenced by names which have beautiful meanings and can create positive vibes in the life of the baby. They are also influenced by successful and popular names which would be well recognized by the people. The Hindu Punjabi baby names are derived from Sanskrit names, mythological characters, nature as well as famous personalities. Many unique and unusual Punjabi baby names are also found nowadays and the modern parents prefer such kinds of names more than the traditional ones which would help their children to stand out in a crowd.


Agamjot Girl God's light
Agampreet Boy Love for god
Agampreet Girl The lover of God
Ajaipal Boy One whose caretaker is the Lord
Ajinder Girl Victorious
Ajit; Ajeet Boy Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable
Akal Boy Timeless
Akal Keerat Boy One who sings God's praises
Akalbir Girl God's immortal warrior
Akaldeep Boy God's lamp
Akaljot Boy The Eternal Light; God's Light
Akalnivas Boy One dwelling in the Eternal Realm
Akalpreet Boy Love of God
Akalpreet Girl One who loves the Timeless Being
Akalroop Boy Of eternal form; Of eternal beauty
Akalsharan Boy The one taking shelter in God
Akalsimar Boy One remembering the Eternal God
Akalsukh Boy Forever in peace and delight
Aman Boy Peace; The one who is peaceful
Aman Girl The one who is peaceful
Amanbir Boy The one who fights for peace
Amandeep Boy The lamp of peace
Amandev Boy The god of peace
Amanjeet Girl One who attains to peace
Amanjeet Boy Peace Attainer
Amanjeevan Girl One who lives a peaceful life
Amanpal Boy Peace Protector
Amanpal Girl The protector of peace
Amanpreet Boy One who loves peace
Amanroop Girl The embodiment of peace
Amanvir; Amanveer Girl The one who fights for peace
Amar Boy Immortal; Everlasting
Amardeep Boy Eternal light
Amardev Boy The immortal god
Amarjeet Boy Forever Victorious
Amarjot Boy The Immortal Light
Amarleen Boy Forever absorbed in God
Amarleen Girl Forever absorbed in God
Amarpreet Boy Immortal love of god
Amarpreet Girl The immortal Love of Lord
Amrinder Boy Variant of 'Amarinder'
Amrit Boy Nector
Amrit; Amarit Girl God's Nectar
Amritleen Girl One imbued in the Lord's Nectar
Amritpal Boy One protected by the Lord's Nectar
Anaad Boy Beginningless
Anadjot Girl One who radiates the Lord's Light
Anandjot Girl The Light of Bliss
Anandleen Girl One absorbed in the Lord's Bliss
Anandroop Girl Of blissful form; radiating bliss
Anoopbir; Anupbir Girl Beauteous and brave
Anoopjot Girl Radiating the Beautious Light
Antarjot Girl The Divine Light within
Antarpreet Girl One who loves the Light within
Bachittar Boy Wounderous Merits
Bahadur Boy One who is brave and courageous
Bakhsheesh Girl The blessed one
Balbir Boy Strong; Couragious
Balbir; Balbeer; Balveer Girl Mighty and brave
Baldev; Baldeb Boy Godlike in power; Another Name of Balram
Balendra; Balinder Boy Lord Krishna
Baljeet Girl Mighty victorious
Baljeet; Baljit Boy Mighty Victorious
Balraj Boy Elder brother of Sri Krishna; Strong; Mighty King
Balraj Girl Mighty king
Baltej Boy One with glorious might
Balvan Boy Powerful and mighty
Balveer; Balvir Boy Powerful and brave
Balvinder; Balvindra Boy Strong
Balwant; Balvant; Balavant Boy Powerful; Strong; Full of might
Bhagat Boy Devotee of God
Bhagatveer Boy The brave devotee of God
Bhagwant Boy One whose heart is full of loving devotion; Fortunate; Lucky
Bhajan Boy One who is absorbed in God's Love; Adoration
Bhavjeet Boy One who swims across the dreadful world ocean
Bhupendra; Bhoopendra; Bhupinder Boy King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth
Bhupinder Girl The king of kings
Bhupinder Pal Boy Preserved by God
Birindar Boy The brave god
Bishanpal Boy Raised By God
Bismeet Boy
Brahamjeet Boy God's Triumph
Brahmdev Boy God's exalted angel
Brahmjot Boy One in union with God
Brahmleen Girl Absorbed in God's Love
Brahmvir Boy God's warrior
Brijender Boy
Chamkaur Boy Battle field where Guru Gobind Singh fought
Chamkaur Girl Battle field where Guru Gobind Singh fought
Chann Girl Beauteous; Beloved
Channan Girl Full of fragrance like sandalwood
Charan Boy Feet; A humble person; God's feet
Charanjeet Boy Winning the service of Guru's Lotus Feet
Charanjot Boy Light of Guru's Lotus Feet
Charanpal Boy Protection under the Guru's Lotus Feet
Charanpreet Boy One Who Loves Lords Feet
Charanpreet Girl One who loves the Lord's Lotus Feet
Chitleen Boy One absorbed in awareness
Crishdeep Boy
Dalbir Boy The brave soldier
Daler Boy Brave
Daljeet Boy The conqueror of forces
Daljeet Girl The conqueror of forces
Danvir Boy Charitable
Darshanbir Boy Vision of exalted bravery
Darvesh Boy Humble; religious; gentleman
Debjit; Devjeet Boy One who has conquered Gods
Debraj Boy
Deenpal Boy The protector of the helpless
Deep Boy Light
Deep Girl The lamp of light
Deepinder Boy God's light
Deepinder Girl Light of God
Devendar; Devendra; Devindar Boy King of gods; Lord Indra
Devindar; Devinder Girl The king of gods
Dhann Boy The blessed one
Dharam Boy The righteous and religious person
Dharamdeep Boy Lamp of religion
Dharamdev Boy God of faith
Dharamjot; Dharamjyot Boy Light of righteousness and virtues
Dharamleen Girl One absorbed in righteousness
Dharampal; Dharmpal Boy The supporter of righteousness
Dharampreet Boy Love of faith; The one who loves righteous and religion
Dharamsheel Boy Holy
Dharamveer; Dharambir Boy Bravely upholding righteousness; Brave in doing ones duty
Dharmender Boy Lord of dharma & righteousness; Lord of religion
Dhiaan; Dhyaan; Dhyan Boy Absorbed in contemplation
Dhirendra Boy Lord of the brave; Couragious
Dilbaag Boy The one with a blossoming heart
Divjot Boy Divine light
Ekanjeet Boy God's Triumph
Ekanpreet Boy Love For God
Esharveer Boy God's warrior
Fakeer; Fakir Boy A saintly person
Fateh Boy The victorious one; Victory
Fatehpal Boy The protector of victory
Gagandeep Boy A lamp in the sky
Gagandeep; Gagandip Girl Light of the sky
Gaganjot Girl Light of the sky
Gaganjot; Gaganjyot Boy Light of the sky
Gajinder; Gajendra Boy King of Elephants
Gatleen Girl Merged in freedom
Gatnam Boy Liberated through Naam
Gatsharan Boy Liberated by taking shelter of Guru
Gatsharan Girl Liberated by taking shelter of Guru
Gharcheen Boy One who realizes the Home within
Gharcheen Girl One who realizes the Home within
Gharchet Boy One who meditates on the Real Home within
Giaan; Gyan Girl One having exalted divine knowledge
Giaandeep; Gyandeep Boy Lamp of divine knowledge
Giaanleen; Gyanleen Girl One absorbed in divine light
Giaanpreet; Gyanpreet Girl One who loves the divine knowledge
Giaanroop; Gyanroop Girl Embodiment of divine light
Giaanveer; Gyanveer Boy Brave and divine in knowledge
Gunbir; Gunveer Boy Virtuous and brave
Gundeep Boy Lamp of excellences
Guneet Girl Full of talent
Gunkar Boy One full of excellences
Gunpreet Boy The lover of excellences
Guntas Boy Treasure of excellence
Gurbachan Boy One who abides by Guru's Word
Gurbakhsh Boy Blessed with Guru's Grace
Gurcharan Boy One who takes shelter in Guru's Lotus Feet
Gurchet Boy One who remains aware of Guru's Word
Gurdas Boy One who is the slave of the Guru
Gurdaya Boy One blessed with the Guru's Grace
Gurdayal; Gurdyal Boy Compassionate Guru
Gurdeep Boy Lamp of the Guru; Lamp of the teacher; Enlightened by the teacher
Gurdev Boy Almighty God
Gurditta Boy One born with Guru's blessing
Gurdweep Boy
Gurgian; Gurgyan Boy Having knowledge of Guru's Word
Gurinder Girl Lord
Gurjas Boy Fame of Lord
Gurjeet Boy One winning the Guru's heart
Gurjeet Girl One winning the Guru's heart
Gurjeevan Boy One who lives a life as ordianed by Guru
Gurkeerat Boy One who sings praises of the Guru
Gurkiran Boy The ray of Guru's light
Gurkiran Girl The ray of Guru's light
Gurleen Boy One who is absorbed in the Guru
Gurleen Girl One who is absorbed in the Guru
Gurman; Gurmaan Boy Heart of the Guru
Gurmeet Girl The friend of the Guru
Gurparveen Girl Goddess of the stars
Gurpreet Girl Love of Guru; One who loves the Guru
Gurshant Girl Attaining peace through the Word of the Guru
Gursharan Girl One who takes shelter in the Guru
Gursukh Girl One who is blissful through Guru
Gurveer Girl Warrior of the Guru
Gyan Boy Knowledge; One having exalted divine knowledge
Harbhajan Girl A devotee absorbed in the Lord
Harbhajan Boy Lord's devotee; The one who prays of God
Harbinder Boy
Harbir Girl Warrior of God
Harbir; Harbeer Boy Warrior of God
Harcharan; Haricharan Boy One taking shelter in God's Lotus Feet
Hardas; Haridas Boy Slave of God
Hardeep Boy Lamp of God
Hardev Boy Godly person
Hardhian; Hardhyan Boy The one absorbed in the Lord
Hardial; Hardayal; Hardyal Boy One on whom there is God's Grace
Hardit; Hardeet Boy Given by God
Harendra; Harinder Boy Lord Shiva
Hargun Boy One having Godly merits
Haripreet Boy Beloved of God
Harjap Boy One who meditates on the Lordp
Harjas Boy Praise of the God; One who sings God's praises
Harjas Girl Praise of the God; One who sings God's praises
Harjeet Boy God's triumph; Victor
Harjeevan Girl One who lives a God-oriented life
Harjit; Harjeet Girl Victorious through God's Grace
Harjot Girl God's Light
Harkeerat Girl One who sings God's praises
Harkiran Girl The ray of God's Light
Harleen Girl One absorbed in the Lord's Love
Harmeet Boy God's devotee; Beloved friend
Harpal Girl One protected by God
Harpreet Girl One who loves God
Harsharan Girl One who takes shelter in the Lord
Indirjeet; Inderjeet Girl One who wins the love of God
Indirpreet; Inderpreet Girl Lover of God
Indirveer; Inderveer Girl God's warrior
Indrajit Boy Conqueror of Indra
Jagjit; Jagjeet Boy Winner of the world
Jagmohan Boy One who attracts the world
Jai Boy Conqueror; Defeater; The victorious one
Jaipreet Girl The victory of love
Jasbir Girl A brave one who sings God's praises
Jaskeerat; Jaskirat Girl One who sings praises of the Lord
Jasleen Girl Absorbed in singing God's praises
Jasmin Girl A flower
Jasminder Girl Lord's Glory
Jasmine Girl A fragrant flower
Jasmira Girl
Jasmit; Jasmeet Girl Famed
Jasnam Girl One singing the glories of Naam
Jaspinder Girl
Jaspreet Girl One who loves to sing praises of the Lord
Jassi Girl
Jasveer; Jasbir; Jasvir Girl A brave one who sings God's praises
Jaswant Boy Victorious; Famous
Jasweer Girl Victorious
Jatinder Girl One who has conquered the five evils
Jeet Girl Victorious
Jeet Boy Victory
Jeevan; Jivan Boy Life
Jogindar; Joginder; Jogendra Girl Establishing union with God; Lord Shiva
Kamaljeet; Kamaljit Boy Achiever of perfection; Variant of 'Kamal'
Kanwal Girl Detached & unsoiled like the lotus flower
Karamdeep Girl Lamp of God's Grace
Karamjot Girl Light of God's Grace
Karampreet Girl The lover of God's Grace
Kartar Girl Creative like God
Keerat Girl One who sings glories of God
Khushpreet Girl Loving and delightful
Kuldeep Girl The lamp of the family
Lakhbir Girl As brave as a hundred thousand
Loveleen Girl Beloved
Mahindar; Mahinder Girl God of gods
Mahipal Boy Lord Krishna; A king
Mandeep; Mandip Girl Light of sages
Mangal Boy Auspicious; Fortunate
Mansukh Boy One with peace of mind; Happy one
Mohan Boy Beauteous; Attractive; Charming
Nihal Boy Happy; Blissful person; Content
Nirmal Boy Pure; Clean
Noor Girl Light; The Divine Light
Sameer; Samir Boy Early morning fragrance; Breeze; Wind; Entertainer
Shashi Girl Moon
Simran; Smran Girl Remembrance; Meditation
Sunny Boy Sunshine; Cheerful
Ujala Girl Brightness
Uttam Girl Best
Vasundhara Girl Daughter of the Earth

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