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Find Unique and Modern Punjabi Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings


Punjabi baby names differentiate according to the religion as Hindu Punjabi names are completely different from that of the Sikh Punjabi names. Sikh Punjabi names are generally unisex and the word Kaur is added after a girl's name and the word Singh after a boy's name. The meaning of Kaur is "Princess" and Singh means "Lion". The Sikh naming ceremonies of the babies takes place in a Gurudwara. With the advent of many new and unique Punjabi names we nowadays find such kinds of names also which are distinctly gender specific and does not apply to both the sexes. Some such Punjabi baby names are Aman, Simran, Gurditt et al.

Like in any other tradition, Punjabi parents are also influenced by names which have beautiful meanings and can create positive vibes in the life of the baby. They are also influenced by successful and popular names which would be well recognized by the people. The Hindu Punjabi baby names are derived from Sanskrit names, mythological characters, nature as well as famous personalities. Many unique and unusual Punjabi baby names are also found nowadays and the modern parents prefer such kinds of names more than the traditional ones which would help their children to stand out in a crowd.