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Do you like to keep your child's name Julia or Christina based on your favorite movie stars? If you are among the parent who wishes their kids name to be like the celebs or TV stars then you are in the right spot to find out the most popular baby names . Every parent desires that their child becomes famous one day, like some of their famous movie starts or like the famous sport stars.

However, apart from keeping stars name, parents also want that their child's name should be different from the rest as well as unusual. If this is what you want and is unable to think of something suitable then we are all set to help you out to give you the most popular baby names. O ur team of expertise helps in choosing the popular baby names along with their meanings to allow the parents to choose from the list of classy popular baby names for their sweet angel. If you want the best, we will ensure that you get the best because you never know when and where your child's name can become a world famous and future parents may think of keeping your babe's name for their own child.

Select Popular Unusual Baby Names With Meanings from list

Jacob Emma
Michael Isabella
Ethan Emily
Joshua Madison
Daniel Ava
Alexander Olivia
Anthony Sophia
William Abigail
Christopher Elizabeth
Matthew Chloe
Jayden Samantha
Andrew Addison
Joseph Natalie
David Mia
Noah Alexis
Aiden Alyssa
James Hannah
Ryan Ashley
Logan Ella
John Sarah
Nathan Grace
Elijah Taylor
Christian Brianna
Gabriel Lily
Benjamin Hailey
Jonathan Anna
Tyler Victoria
Samuel Kayla
Nicholas Lillian
Gavin Lauren
Dylan Kaylee
Jackson Allison
Brandon Savannah
Caleb Nevaeh
Mason Gabriella
Angel Sofia
Isaac Makayla
Evan Avery
Jack Riley
Kevin Julia
Jose Leah
Isaiah Aubrey
Luke Jasmine
Landon Audrey
Justin Katherine
Lucas Morgan
Zachary Brooklyn
Jordan Destiny
Robert Sydney
Aaron Alexa