Polish Baby Names

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Find Unique and Modern Polish Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings


We are known by our names throughout our lives so parents should be very careful while keeping baby names as the baby gets associated permanently. It is also necessary for a name to have a good meaning and so while choosing Polish baby names importance should be given to the meaning of the names too. Parents always wonder if to give traditional baby names or choose a name which is contemporary and popular. Some Polish baby names are Adelazda, Adolf, adok and so on. Polish names like names in many other cultures consist of two names, one the given name and the other, the family name. Three factors influence the names of Poland: Civil law, church law and tradition.

The registry office in Poland does not register more than two names and the vast majority of Polish parents being catholic prefers names of saints or biblical names for their baby. Parents while keeping Polish baby names also prefers Slavic names of pre-Christian origin. In Eastern Poland people even celebrate name days on the day of their patron saint. Almost all Polish Baby names for girls end in the vowel -a, and most male names end in a consonant or a vowel other than a. However, a few male names, such as Barnaba and Bonawentura, end in -a. Maria is an exceptional name which can also be used as a Polish baby name for boys but only as a second name.