Latin Baby Names

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A list of Unique Modern Latin Baby Names with Meanings

One of the many responsibilities new parents have is about keeping their child's name and people start searching for them even before the birth of the baby. Latin is originally spoken in the places around Rome and Latium and Latin baby names originated in those places. Now the Latin language has achieved great importance as the language of Rome and many other languages have also derived words from this language. Earlier while keeping Latin baby names only one name was used but as the population grew in Rome people started attaching the Family name too. As Rome started conquering new areas many new Latin baby names were also introduced mostly being of Greek or Etruscan origin.

Roman women usually were known only by the feminine form of their father's nomen (derived name). However, along with the changing times parents, while naming their children juxtaposes traditional Latin baby names with that of modern names which are unique or pleasant to hear.

In Latin culture, the eldest son is named after the father while the younger sons are given the baby names of an uncle or grandfather. Every culture has its own way of giving names and Latin being a very rich one keeps all these factors in consideration while keeping Latin baby names.