Irish Baby Names

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A list of Unique Irish Baby Names with Meanings

Irish baby names are generally drawn from rich Gaelic and Celtic languages which are full of poetry and romance and they are thus always popular Irish baby names. "Irish names" includes not just those names with their roots in Ireland, but also Irish versions of names from other cultures, and even American versions of Irish baby names. In Ireland there is a practice of keeping toddler's names according to the already existing ones in family such as the oldest son being named after the father's father or the second son being named after the mother's father. In the same way while keeping the baby girl's names too this tradition is followed for instance the oldest daughter named after the mother's mother and so on. Irish baby names are also kept after the great characters from legends and folktales such as the famous Irish king 'Brian Boru' or 'Niamh' or 'Oisin'.

Irish names for tots are generally Gaelic-rooted but the syllables which make a baby name are quite tough for people from other origins to pronounce. However nowadays exotic sounding Irish baby names are becoming hugely popular.

Parents like to give their kids innovative names coming away from stereotypical baby names which are steeped in folklores and traditional beliefs. Modern names makes the kids standout from the rest of the crowd.