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Modern Unique and Popular Indian Baby Girl Names With Meanings alphabetically Q

 Name  Meanings
Quarrtulain God's mercy
Quasar Meteor
Quentin Old English for "from the Queen's land"
Quigley A spinning distaff.
Quillan A cub.
Quilliam Gaelic form of William. A strong and resolute protector.
Quimby From the woman's estate.
Quinby from the queen?s estate
Quince From Shakespeare's play Midsummer-Night's Dream.
Quincy The fifth, as in fifth child. A boy or girl's name.
Quinlan Well-shaped, athletic.
Quinn Wise and intelligent. A boy or girl's name.
Quinney The son of the crafty one.
Quintin The fifth, as in the fifth-born child.
Quinton The fifth, as in the fifth-born child.