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 Name  Meanings
Madan Cupid, god of love
Madangopal Lord Krishna
Madhav, Madhab Sweet like honey
Madhavdas Servant of Lord Krishna
Madhu Honey, nectar
Madhuk A honeybee
Madhukanta The moon
Madhukar Honeybee
Madhup A honeybee
Madhur Sweet
Madhusudan Lord Krishna
Madhusudhana Krishna, one who killed demon
Magan Engrossed
Mahabahu Arjuna
Mahabala Great strength
Mahadev Most powerful god
Mahaniya Worthy of honour
Mahavir Most courageous among men
Maheepati The king
Mahendra Lord Vishnu
Mahesh Shiva
Maheshwar Lord Shiva
Mahin The earth
Mahindra A king
Mahipal A king
Mahish A king
Mahtab The moon
Mainak A mountain a Himalayan peak
Maitreya Friend
Makarand Honey, Honey Bee, Pollen
Malay A mountain
Manas Mind
Manasi Born of the mind
Manav Man
Manavendra A king
Mandar A celestial tree
Mandeep Light of the mind
Mandhatri Prince
Manendra King of mind
Mangal Auspicious
Mangesh Lord Shiva
Mani A jewel
Manibhushan Supreme gem
Manik Ruby
Manindra Lord of the mind!
Maniram Jewel of a person
Manish Intellect
Manishankar Shiva
Manjeet Conqueror of the mind
Manmatha Cupid
Manmohan Pleasing
Manohar Beautiful; captivating
Manoj Born of the mind
Manoranjan One who pleases the mind
Manprasad Mentally calm and cool person
Mansukh Pleasure of mind
Manu Original man
Mardav Softness
Mareechi Ray of light
Markandeya A devotee of Lord Shiva
Martand, Martanda Sun
Marut The wind
Maruti Lord Hanuman
Matsendra King of the fishes
Mayank, Mayanka Moon
Mayur Peacock
Megh Cloud
Megha A star
Meghashyam Lord Krishna
Meghdutt Gift of clouds
Meghnad Thunder
Mehdi A flower
Mehul Rain
Mihir Sun
Milan Union
Milap Union
Milind A bee
Milun Union
Misal Example
Mitesh One with few desires
Mithil Kingdom
Mithilesh The king of Mithila, Janak, father of Sita
Mithun Couple
Mitra Friend; the sun
Mitul Friend, Limited
Mohajit, Mohak, Mohal Attractive
Mohan Charming, fascinating
Mohin, Mohit, Mohita Attractive
Mohnish Lord Krishna
Mohul Attractive
Monish Lord of mind
Moti Pearl
Motilal Pearl
Moulik Valuable
Mriganka The moon
Mrigankamouli Lord Shiva
Mrigankasekhar Lord Shiva
Mrigendra, Mrigesh Lion
Mrityunjay Lord Shiva
Mudita Happy
Mukesh Cupid
Muktananda Liberated
Mukul Bud
Mukunda Lord Krishna
Mukut Crown
Mulkraj King
Muni Sage
Murali Flute
Muralidhar Lord Krishna
Muralimanohar Lord Krishna
Murari Lord Krishna
Murarilal Lord Krishna