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India has many languages. Sanskrit is the origin of most of the Indian languages. Consequently, most of the Indian baby names are taken from Sanskrit. Regional languages have also some influence in Indian baby names.

Sanskritaized baby names are preferred by the Hindu population. On our website, we have given most of the popular Indian baby names. Many new Baby names preferred by the new generation are also given. The trends change with the passage of time. And we update our database of names frequently so that you get the baby names of your choice.

Some Indian baby names used in South India are unique. South Indian baby names have the influence of Dravidian languages as well as Sanskrit. We have given a long list of Indian child names in Tamil, Telegu, Kanada and Malayalam language.

A significant number of Muslims also live in India, though most of them use Arabic baby names, the pet names of their babies are generally kept in the Indian languages. We have also given a long list of Indian baby names.

Sikhism is another major religion in the state of Punjab in India. Punjabi baby names are preferred by the people of Punjab. We have also offered a wide collection of Sikh baby names on our website.

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Indian Baby Boy Names E Indian Baby Boy Names N Indian Baby Boy Names W
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