Hebrew Baby Names

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A list of Unique Modern Hebrew Baby Names with Meanings


Hebrew is one of the classical languages of the world. Hebrew Baby names is the latest trends across the world particularly among the Jews and the Christians. Hebrew is the language that Jesus Christ spoke. And it is considered a sacred language by many Christians from all over the world. As it's the mother tongue of the Jews, they like to name their babies in Hebrew. The classical Hebrew is slightly different from the Modern Hebrew.

The Hebrew names are mainly taken from the classical Hebrew. To cater to the growing demands of Hebrew baby names, we have prepared the list of child names Hebrew for you. You may count on us for Baby names Hebrew. You can look for any type of kid names Hebrew. The Hebrew language has some of the most innovative and meaningful Hebrew names for kids and we will provide you a detail list of Hebrew baby names.

Hebrew names are also of divine nature. Many of these names are sacred. Some other names that signify some attributes and names of flowers, rivers etc. are also included in our baby names Hebrew list. We take all possible measures to make you feel that you have got the right Hebrew baby names for your baby.