French Baby Names

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A list of Unique Modern French baby names with Meanings

In western culture choosing a French baby name is very important and it is even more in French culture as French people believe that a name influences both the child and the family's future. A certain belief is that while an ambitious name might influence the life of the baby in a lofty manner and have high repercussions a simple name will not have the same influences. This belief affects the choice of French baby names and people tend to keep well and established names more than a common and a simple one.

America is a very vast continent with a variety of languages and religion depending on the different races. The languages are divided into various dialects and while choosing French baby names the difference in dialects and religion is very apparent. The names can also be derived from foreign languages such as Spanish, English, America, Dutch or Portuguese.

While in French, people keep English names due to the dominant population of British origin. French baby names in southern French is mostly Spanish due to colonization of Spain. In brazil, most of the names are Portuguese. A newborn's name is thus very much influenced by various factors in French and while keeping French baby names all these factors come into consideration.