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Faber French A little blacksmith.
Fabian Latin Bean grower.
Fabrice Latin A craftsman.
Fabron French A little blacksmith.
Fadil Arabic The generous or distinguished one.
Fagan Gaelic The little fiery one.
Fairfax Old English The one with beautiful hair.
Fairley Old English A clearing in the woods. A boy or girl's name.
Faisal Arabic A wise judge.
Falgun Hindu month in the Hindu calendar
Falk Yiddish The falcon.
Falkner Old French A falconer, or falcon handler.
Fallon Irish A leader. A boy or girl's name.
Fane Old English Eager.
Faraji African consolation
Farand Teutonic Attractive, pleasant.
Farid Arabic Unique, unrivalled.
Fariel Persian  
Farkas Hungarian wolf
Farley Old English From the fern clearing. A boy or girl's name.
Farman Old Norse A traveller or hawker.
Farnell Old English From the hill of ferns.
Farnley Old English From the fern meadow.
Farook Arabic One who can distinguish right from wrong.
Farquhar Scottish Gaelic The dear one.
Farrar Latin blacksmith
Farrell Celtic The valorous one.
Farriss Gaelic A rock.
Faulkner Old French A falconer, or falcon handler.
Faust Latin The fortunate one.
Favian Latin Understanding.
Faxon Teutonic long hair
Faysal Arabic A wise judge.
Fear English  
Februus Latin Pagan God
Fedele Italian Faithful.
Federico Italian/Spanish A peaceful ruler.
Felipe Spanish A lover of horses.
Felix Latin Happy and prosperous.
Felton Old English From the farm in the field.
Fenn Old English A marsh or fen.
Fenton Old English From the marshlands.
Fenwick Old English From the farm in the marshland.
Feodore Greek The gift of God.
Ferdinand Teutonic Prepared for the journey. An adventurer or traveller.
Ferenc Latin, Hungarian Independent, free
Fergal Irish Gaelic A man of valour.
Fergus Gaelic Fearghas (Gaelic), Feargus.
Ferguson Gaelic Son of Fergus. Manly.
Fernando   Daring, adventurous.
Fernleigh Old English From the fern meadow.
Fernley Old English From the fern meadow.
Feroz Arabic Victorious and successful.
Ferran Arabic baker
Ferrand Old French A grey-haired man.
Ferrer Old French The blacksmith.
Ferris Gaelic A rock.
Feste   From Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night.
Festus Latin Steadfast.
Ffionn Welsh Foxglove Flower
Fiachra Irish Gaelic A raven.
Fidel Latin Faithful.
Fielding Old English A field dweller.
Fife Scottish A man from Fife.
Figaro Latin Daring, cunning.
Filbert Teutonic Very bright.
Filip Polish A lover of horses.
Filippo Italian A lover of horses.
Finbar Irish Gaelic Fair-headed.
Fineas Egyptian/Hebrew Egyptian: The Nubian (dark-skinned). Hebrew: An oracle.
Fingal Scottish Gaelic The fair stranger.
Finian Irish Gaelic Fair or white.
Finlay Scottish Gaelic The fair warrior.
Finley   Fair haired one.
Finn Irish Gaelic/Old Norse Irish Gaelic: The white or fair one. Old Norse: A man from Finland.
Finnegan Irish Gaelic Fair.
Fionn Celtic white, fair
Firdos Arabic Paradise.
Firmin Latin Steadfast and firm.
Firth Old English Of the woodland.
Fisk Swedish fisherman
Fitch Old French A lance or spear.
Fitz Latin son
Fitzgerald Old French The son of Gerald. A spear warrior.
Fitzhugh Old French The son of Hugh. Heart and mind.
Fitzjames Old French The son of James. The supplanter.
Fitzpatrick Old French The son of Patrick. Nobleman.
Fitzroy Old French The son of the king.
Fjodor Russian Fedor, Fiodor
Flannan Irish Gaelic Ruddy, or red-haired.
Flannery   Flat land.
Flavian Latin Golden-haired.
Flavius Latin Golden-haired.
Fleance   From Shakespeare's play MacBeth.
Fleeting Old French A man from Flanders.
Fleming Old English a native of Flanders
Fletcher Old French Arrow maker.
Flint Old English A hard stone.
Floke Teutonic, Norse guardian of the people
Florian Latin A flower, blooming. The masculine form of flora.
Floritzel   From Shakespeare's play A Winter's Tale.
Floyd Welsh The hollow.
Fluellen   From Shakespeare's play Henry V.
Flynn Irish Gaelic The red-haired one.
Fodor Hungarian curly haired
Folant Welsh Welsh form of Valentine. Strong, healthy.
Folkus Hungarian people, famous
Fonz Teutonic Noble and ready.
Fonzie Teutonic Noble and ready.
Forbes Scottish Gaelic Prosperous.
Ford Old English From the ford or river crossing.
Forest Old French out of the woods
Forester Old French A forester or gamekeeper.
Forrest Old French Forest dweller.
Forrester   Of the forest.
Forster   Of the forest.
Fortescue Old French A strong shield.
Fortinbras   From Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
Fortunato Latin The fortunate one.
Foster Old English/Old French Old English: A foster parent. Old French: A shearer.
Francis Latin From France, or a free man.
Francis Latin From France, or a free man.
Francisco Spanish From France, or a free man.
Frank Teutonic A member of the tribe of the Franks. Also from the name Francis and Franklin.
Franklin Old French Free man.
Frans Scandinavian From France, or a free man.
Franz German From France, or a free man.
Fraser Old French A strawberry, or from a Norman family name.
Frasier   Strawberry.
Frayne Old French/Old English Old French: An Ash tree. Old English: Stranger.
Fred Teutonic A peaceful ruler. From the name Alfred, Frederick and Wilfred.
Freddie Teutonic A peaceful ruler. From the name Alfred, Frederick and Wilfred.
Freddy Teutonic A peaceful ruler. From the name Alfred, Frederick and Wilfred.
Frederick Teutonic A peaceful ruler.
Free Old English in liberty
Freeman Old English A freeborn man.
Fremont Teutonic The noble protector.
Frigyes Hungarian peace, might
Frith Old English Of the woodland.
Fritz German A peaceful ruler.
Froth   From Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure.
Fudo Japanese The God of fire and wisdom.
Fujita Japanese field
Fulbright   Very light.
Fuller Old English A fuller, or cloth-thickener.
Fulton Old English From the muddy place.
Furnell Old French A furnace.
Fyfe Scottish A man from Fife.
Fyodor Russian The gift of God.