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Unique, Unusual Modern Asian Baby Names

Asia does not have a homogeneous culture and language. The languages are different and the culture is also distinctive. So, the Asian baby names are also distinctive. The Asian child names may be Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi. Generally, the word Asia means people from all countries of the continent of Asia. But in the colloquial language of USA, the word Asian is often related to China, Japan or Korea. But in UK, the word Asian is often used to indicate the people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The most widely used word to indicate the Arabian nations are the Middle East. Though they are also a part of Asia, the term Asian baby names does not often mean the Middle Eastern baby names.

Asian child names are unique. To conserve the culture of Asia, the people of Asia as well as the people of Asian origin living all over the world prefer Asian baby names. There is a vast difference in the baby names of different Asian countries. Indian baby names, Chinese baby names, Arabic baby names are quite different. Some Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia have also distinctive Asian baby names. Previously all of their names were influenced by Hinduism. With the passage of time, most of the population converted to Islam. So their names are influenced by both Sanskrit and Arabic baby names. Influence of local culture is also seen in the Indonesian baby names.