Arabic Baby Names

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Unique, Unusual Modern Arabic Baby Names

Arabic is a classical language. The heritage of Arabia and the Islamic world is associated with the Arabic language. Arabic baby names are popular in many countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt etc. Though the local languages of some of these countries are different, they prefer Arabic kids names because of religious reasons.

Arabia is a region of ancient civilization. And the Arabic baby names have the influence of this rich civilization. The Arabic child names carry the influence of the civilizations that evolved in Arabia throughout the ages.

Arabic baby names have also religious significance. The Holy Quran, the greatest book of Islam is written in Arabic. And many Arabic child names are associated with the religion. A number of Arabic baby names are also associated with different stories from the Holy Quran. Traditionally, all the Muslims in the world prefer Arabic baby names. Some Persian baby names are also preferred by the Muslims. But Persian has close resemblance with Arabic. Many Arabic baby names sound similar with Persian baby names.

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